Thank you Pete for bringing us to song

Jan 30, 14 Thank you Pete for bringing us to song

Pete Seeger’s spirited, disciplined energy will be missed

pete seeger - Google Search 2014-01-29 02-24-55I had the great good fortune to have met and communed with Pete Seeger when I was just out of college and working in an upstate New York regional Black theatre company. Pete was an advisor to the board and the project’s director, Curt Stewart. That meeting and Pete’s subsequent support of the theatre made an indelible impression on me. Pete and Toshi, RIP…

Cross River
            Remembering Pete Seeger
Cross River
River deep run long 
Deep river run carry me home
I crossed the river at the Beacon Bridge
To get to you, Pete
Crossed the river to the east side of the Hudson
9A to 9 then wound my way to a dirt road
leading up a mountainous track
that turned around to your log cabin
shaded by tree and brush and stone
and the falling leaves of autumn
there on the side of mountain
me and my son
and you invited us in
and Toshi brewed tea
and logs in a fireplace burned
and we talked and I learned thru your songs
that you gave so freely to me
and to the Clearwater 
and its people
of the sloop
The struggle to be free
to free the polluted river from sludge
to understand the essential nature of love
you the artist, Toshi the organizer
and the essential nature of human struggle to be free
to be in-natured
pete seeger - Google Search 2014-01-29 02-26-24at 94
/one year north of Toshi’s crossing
you joined the river
slipped into the mity Hudson and sailed away
following Toshi to the lite
into the sight-giving life of the river renewed
you have gone
and we sing you now
sing the mournful song of loss
song of lovers missing what was under appreciated
sing the songs that fill our empty
sustain our leaping heart
you gave to a little boy and
a grown man struggling to be father
in the wake of fathers gone
and fathers never having come
you were long past young
when I wound my way up that dirt track
but your voice was strong and your fingers nimble
youth still lived in your eyes
in your voice
we know the good come
and stay awhile and then
they are gone
and the heart trembles
and the eyes swell at their leaving
but in the morning we will rise
filled with the youth of you
and the love you gave
the love we knew
and we will sing you songs
© 2014 Omowale-Ketu Oladuwa