New Jazz Quartet at Acoustic Cafe: catch continuuum saturday at the cafe

Mar 21, 12 New Jazz Quartet at Acoustic Cafe: catch continuuum saturday at the cafe

Saturday evening, March 24th, promises to be a showstopper at the Acoustic SpokenWord Cafe. Heading the lineup is the relatively new jazz ensemble featuring sax-man Quincy Sanders.

Continuuum played its first gig in early December 2011 at the Dash-In, in downtown Fort Wayne. The members of Continuuum have performed together in other music projects around town and have played in various funk, reggae, gospel, blues, rock, and jazz groups. The group—Quincy Sanders on sax, Jesse West on piccolo bass, Bryan Nellums drums, and Marco Rubio bass—performs renditions of traditional jazz as well as it’s own compositions, taking care to blend in their own new progressive ideas.

One of the unique qualities about Continuuum is that it features two bassists; Marco Rubio and Jesse West handle the bass business. Jesse West plays the piccolo bass that’s tuned an octave above Marco Rubio’s traditional bass. West started exploring the possibilities of using the piccolo bass as a solo instrument with the intention of having it replace the role of jazz guitar.

Continuuum performs a wide range of jazz styles, and have performed at the Dash-in, Deer Park, private parties, and around Indianapolis. Continuuum’s next free performance is in Deer Park, at Deer Park Pub, on April 6th. You can checkout Continuuum’s performance schedule online on Facebook (search continuuum spelled with the letter U 3 times).

But before that gig, catch the quartet live at the Acoustic SpokenWord Cafe, 501 E. Brackenridge Street, at Downtown’s most artist-friendly venue.

Poet Aric Curry will take the second half of the evening filling it with his adept wordflows. Aric is a high school student who comes from a talented family of wordsmiths. The young poet cut his teeth at Weisser Park Community Center with the SBA Academy. Come see this young man with a message, and bring your own for the Open Mic that follows the second set.

Cafe hours are from 7-10PM, and admission is only $5.oo. The first cup of coffee is on the house, and donations are accepted for all other drinks and snacks.