Three Rivers Jenbe Ensemble at the Acoustic Cafe

Feb 16, 12 Three Rivers Jenbe Ensemble at the Acoustic Cafe

The three Rivers Jenbe Ensemble will perform live at the Acoustic SpokenWord Cafe on February 25, 2012. The evening will begin at 7PM and close out at 10PM. TRJE, as the ensemble is popularly known, performs an interpretation of the traditional dunun and jenbe drum ensemble of the Mande-speaking people of Guinea, West Afrika.

This group of students has been playing together the last three years, taking over from the graduating ensemble members who preceded and trained them. It has long been an artistic practice of the Three Rivers Jenbe Ensemble to have the qualified students teach their peers. The members have from six to ten years experience with the ensemble.

The ensemble has recently performed at Washington Center Elementary School and the Friendly Fox Coffeehouse.This performance marks the first time the ensemble has performed in its own space for more than a year.

The Acoustic SpokenWord Cafe is hosted at TRIAAC, 501 E. Brackenridge Street. The cost of admission is $5.00. For more information call TRIAAC at 260 96909442.