New Schedule Opens More Learning Opportunities: opening the way

Dec 31, 11 New Schedule Opens More Learning Opportunities: opening the way

“A people losing sight of origins are dead. A people deaf to purposes are lost.”–Ayi Kweh Armah..

It is wise to return to origins to retrieve what has been lost


“Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi”–Akan Proverb

Translation: “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”

In his introduction to two thousand seasons Armah tells us that having lost our way it would be most appropriate for us to go back to our origins to rediscover what went awry along our path to the present so that we might use our intelligence and insight today to correct it. The Akan of Ghana refer to this process as Sankofa, retracing one’s footsteps along life’s path to see what has been lost or forgotten that would be of use today. Of course, the human path is one that walks backwards recalling the experience of our ancestors.

And so as we enter 2012, TRIAAC is retracing its course to determine what has been lost that might be regained through retrospection and applied to today’s environment and experiences. We began with the conscious practice of re-membering our Afrikan past for ourselves and children, and applying the energy of that quest to making music and inciting movement, both physical and intellectual.

At the center of the practice is the Malinke dunun and jenbe ensemble that is a family of tones and rhythms that combine to make a singularly distinct music representing the strength of Mande culture and familial tradition. The symbolic, social, political and spiritual values of that culture as it has been extended through its many masterful practitioners since the 1960s, has been rooted in Fort Wayne for more than a decade now. 

In launching our programs for the third quarter, TRIAAC has sought to make this harmonic and rhythmic practice available to more children and adults. Hit the “Schedule” button to download a .pdf file of our third quarter schedule.  

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