TRJE at the Philmore on Broadway: My Fort Wayne 46807 building community

Nov 07, 11 TRJE at the Philmore on Broadway: My Fort Wayne 46807 building community

Sunday afternoon was live with entertainment in the 46807 zip code district. The My Fort Wayne – 46807 organizing committee hosted a meet and greet at The Philmore on Broadway, the top entertainment venue in the 07 district in the Fort Wayne.

On the boards when we arrived was Michael Patterson singing and playing the blues. Shortly after arriving, Fey Fey Moussou grabbed a drum and began accompanying Michael on the jenbe drum. All considered it was an effective expression of community; one that absolutely pleased the 07+ residents in attendance. 

The event was sponsored by Pathfinder Community Connections, and Pat Turner was right there on the case meeting and greeting everyone who passed trough the door. John Steinbach was the emcee (community organizer) principally responsible for pulling the entertainment together for the event.

When the Three Rivers Jenbe Ensemble took to the boards about 4PM, there were about 50 people in the house. Known for their treatments of traditional Mande music, from differing regions of Guinea, West Afrika, the five members of the ensemble who presented were on fire. During the 45-minute set they pleased the crowd and even managed to get a few participants on their feet dancing. 

The ensemble can next be seen at Grace College in Winona Lake, on November 16, and the following day on the campus of IPFW, at Walb Union for National Education Week.