JATA Mande Drum Workshop: an adult ensemble groove

Oct 30, 11 JATA Mande Drum Workshop: an adult ensemble groove

Since Papa Ladji Camara introduced authentic Mande jenbe drumming to America in the mid-1950s, playing with Fodeba Keita’s Les Ballet Africains, the instrument has made its eminence known worldwide to the point of being a common sight from small town USA to rural China, and world major cities. Across the board, people have found the jenbe to be a strong and resonant vehicle for voicing their self-expression.

Papa Ladji toured the US in the late ’50s with the Ballet, and in 1959 met the legendary Chief James Hawthorne Bey. After Ballet performances, Papa Ladji would meet Chief Bey at the “African Room” at 44th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan, NYC, where they would play till the wee hours of the morning. Together they popularized the jenbe and Mande music among Afrikan Americans who during the period were re-exploring their Afrikan identity.

Today, throughout the world, drumming is a communal event where everyone present takes part and participation in the form of clapping, dancing and singing accompany the drumming. That communal circle is crucial to feeling the pulse of the music and the community of drummers.

So join our circle on Wednesday evenings, 6-7:30PM, at TRIAAC, 501 E. Brackenridge Street, Fort Wayne, IN.

To register fill out the form and bring it with you to class. Each session lasts 7 weeks, and during that time we’ll work on improving your listening, time, handing technique, and building a vocabulary of sounds and patterns that will increase your ability to play.

See you Wednesday.




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