Bolokada and Taiwan youth play Djagba

Oct 20, 11 Bolokada and Taiwan youth play Djagba

Fort Wayne youth are in for a treat

when Moussa Bolokada Conde comes to Fort Wayne, from October 22-31, he’ll be working with young people in four different settings.Here’s a sample of his work with students from a school in Taiwan.

On Sunday, he’ll work with the students of the Three Rivers Jenbe Ensemble, in lieu of their performance Saturday, October 29th, when they open for Bolokada and the Summit City AfroPop Sextet.

On Monday, he’ll perform in an assembly at St. Joe Center Elementary school. On Tuesday and Thursday, he’ll conduct workshops for children at two Montessori schools. 

A master player, folklorist and teacher, the students have a lot to look forward to from this cultural learning experience.