Musical Hands on Goatskin: Mande music workshop

Oct 19, 11 Musical Hands on Goatskin: Mande music workshop

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Moussa Bolokada Conde will be in Fort Wayne this Saturday, October 22nd, and for 9 days will be teaching and playing to raise our city’s cultural vibration.  Bolokada has the skill set, the personality, and the patience to advance not only your playing but your musicality. Checkout this jenbekan and then signup for the 2-day, 5-hour workshop at TRIAAC on October 28th and 30th.

Studying any instrument with a master is the best possible learning experience, but when you have a master player who doubles as a master teacher, what could be better!!!


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In the culture, the music is played for the dance, and is played for many and varied celebrations and occasions. Here, Bolokada leads the San Francisco Bay Area drumming community payine homage to world renowned choreographer Kemoko Sano.