A 9/11 Retrospective: a view thru dust rubble

Sep 23, 11 A 9/11 Retrospective: a view thru dust rubble

The anniversary of 9/11 was a very special night at the Acoustic SpokenWord Cafe. There was no celebration that “the evil” had been cleansed from the American psyche, most if not all in attendance understood that murder is not a curative for murder; that a shot above the left eye of Osama by special ops dressed in black did not and could not bring back the souls thrown into the malestrom by vengeance.

No, there was reflection and projection. There was remembering and re-membering. 

There was the very real understanding that the government entrusted to secure our lives needed to be questioned and held to account. And Wordslinger Emmanuel Ortiz is pushing for poets of color to a meet in a series of Sunday morning sit downs to bring your work to the roundtable. It’s an opportunity to listen and to be heard.  

Sunday, 10:30AM at TRIAAC, 501 E. Brackenridge Street. If you have an interest, call TRIAAC, 260 969-9442.

It’s somewhat comforting to know that in a conservative city in the Midwest there is a community of conscience.