Keith Flye Flying High

Sep 22, 11 Keith Flye Flying High

Singer-songwriter, sweet, soul man Keith Flye soared into his debut at the Acoustic SpokenWord Cafe In early September. For the appreciative audience at the twice-monthly downtown acoustic cafe Keith’s guitar and vocals connected the dots from today to a decade earlier when America changed in a crash of airplanes and the rumble of culture warp. Singing on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, the Fort Wayne native gave a packed house at the Acoustic SpokenWord Cafe a musical and poetic grounding for the spokenword that was to follow.

There’s a lot to be said for the musicians and other artists who stick it out in this city at the junction of three rivers, either making it their home or their homebase as they sojourn to other venues in other parts of the state and country to bring their unique three rivers flavor to audiences. Keith Flye, the scion of a family of musicians, has generated quite a following in the Summit City, and he increased that audience the second Saturday of September when he opened the new season for the SpokenWordCafe.

That drum you hear punctuating the background is the handiwork of Senegalese native and Fort Wayne mainstay Fey Fey Moussou, who doubles as a principal at TRIAAC. A shoutout to Fey Fey who has been backing artists since the cafe opened in April of 2009. 

Keith delivered 60 stirring minutes of sweet soul, a heap of funk giving us a whole lot to feel and think about. We wish him all the best as he heads off to the Left Coast to pursue more frequent engagements, larger but not more appreciative audiences, and possibly a record deal. Deep appreciation young brother. Peace.